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The inspiration for this work is the Habshush spice shop, that conserves generations' traditions and know how of spice production and concoction. The store is open daily until the early afternoon, with no remarkable sign or impressive entrance.

Only a half-open iron door enables the stubborn visitors. As in the shop, so is Michal Evyatar's and Carmel Bar's work, where time has both material meaning and physical presence. The time in the work is stretched, and calls for a new prioritization, demarcating between fabrication and production in our time. The two confront mechanical elements with diligence and strive to exceed the notion of productivity. The performative act becomes worship to the process: the artists challenge the relations between work and product, between sweet and spicy, and fast and slow - whatever the result/ outcome is, it will vanish in the mouth.    

Collaberation with artist Carmel Bar and Habshush spice shop

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